midnight iridescence

aren’t we still young
enough to have everything we can get our hands on?
but say you’ve stopped searching and i’ll put away the telescope
don’t you know by now how truly this laugh belongs to you
pulled from a hollow of my body only you can find
spun to wrap around every single one of the jokes you make
overspilling like if an ocean were poured into an empty river bed
i rush to catch it in my mouth
your open lips giving mine another breath to catch
a voice folding like evening fog until it covers my entire body to sleep
promise to visit my dreams and i’ll pray for arms
strong enough to pull you through into the morning
that smells of more than smoke and mirrors
the windows clean enough to let through sunlight
we’ll wake up in the city we balance on our tongues
name metro stations so far we won’t be able to find our way home
and even you are lost in an alley so foreign, so late
we could never be strangers again

10 thoughts on “midnight iridescence

  1. stuff and poems says:

    This is so beautiful. I’m in love with your style of poetry. I feel it’s similar to mine. I’ll keep reading you for inspiration. ❤❤

    Liked by 2 people

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