lights out

it’s been so long that every silhouette
has begun to look like you
the distance, waiting
to be reduced to nothing between us

let us walk in the darkness, pretend it hasn’t been so long
in this city that’s home to neither you nor me
and find a space
here for us, somewhere
tucked in the skyline
like that of a desktop wallpaper

we can be background lovers
like an orbit that pushes and pulls with time
but never breaks
let the other men look
you will always be the one i wait for

someday, when we are ready for each other
away from the cameras
in a light that presses as soft as your cheek
the phones, silent
and this time i really will lose an earring

but tonight it ends with a hush
a platform moments after the train has left the station
and me
wishing i could have jumped on

32 thoughts on “lights out

  1. Woodsy says:

    A gorgeous piece.
    And such a deeply poignant closing line.

    You have a powerful sense of how to capture the essence of a moment or a feeling with a strong image. You neatly caught some altogether uglier moods in other pieces too… like the clenched fists and middle fingers of mean and misdirected rage.

    But having the voice you do, and using it as you do, will help to shift those things… to reveal what really counts, to show up how small those fingers look next to the tragedy in the ICU, to reveal how we all have skin the colour of the sun, because all our textures come from its touch…

    waiting for voices like yours to see and sing them.

    That really is no small thing.

    Liked by 1 person

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