to jump-start a soul

still thinking there is horizon for this all to end softly
i visit the beach at daybreak
weigh myself into the sand
that the high tide may not sweep smooth instantly

i want to be the first thing the sun sees today
as if in four billion years it has not seen anything more interesting
than a fizzled cut-and-paste job
almost laughable, how hard we try to matter

at night, taking the darker way home
my mother’s warnings strapped like a straitjacket
whispered, tucked behind each ear
but how I miss the way my heart races like it still cares
how similarly our bodies deliver in fear, and in love

the first time i forgive myself for being alone
it is so cathartic
the next time i am left behind
i mistake it for an exorcism

i repent myself into the empyrean

hey universe
give me a memory so warm my body will char if i remember it for too long
show me a journey that stretches so long it may as well be forever

the next time i say i love you
it will be the split second before a gamma-ray burst
i do not want to hear your reply

48 thoughts on “to jump-start a soul

  1. David Koblentz says:

    there is something so cathartic about wriggling your feet into the sand as the surf washes over, there is always that second when you think you might sink or get stuck, no matter how improbable, being ‘here and not ‘here, that (this piece) made me think about it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bothellboy says:

    i like your poem very much, except for empyrean, a word, perhaps i should be familiar with, but unfortunately, i’m not. it’s reasonable to assume at least a few other people are not familiar with the word, and if that’s the case, and the context doesn’t make it clear, then you, in my humble opinion, have stretched too far to grasp a word. otherwise, your work is exquisite. john

    Liked by 1 person

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