dorian gray

because the scent of inebriation
served over synthesisers meant nothing
had changed
because you were right in front of me
and i liked the acute angle my head takes to reach your lips

because i wanted to

you reel in the tension
stretched, between us like a violin string
and we bump fragile hearts like fists
you kiss me like the brakes are broken
and we’ve just glimpsed the end of the road
maybe if we condense enough us into the next few seconds
your fingers tangled in my hair will become a road map
my hands splayed across your back, wings

darl, i am so tired of being the gravity
in a lullaby of helium
for once i want to be the climax
nothing else, a mistake
we don’t ever regret making
hold a switchblade to the throat of consequences
even if we never leave
the sunlight zone
even if i wake up the next morning drenched
in dampened silence, and somewhere
renames me janus

quick, before the crows come home
paint a picture of this and display it deep
in an abyss sheathed with loose lips

i don’t want to remember it
but i don’t ever want to forget it

42 thoughts on “dorian gray

  1. Thomas L Goss says:

    A gorgeous dance of words, sure-footed on the high wire of language, you traipse with such a playful, delicate precision. It’s a pleasure to see another that embraces metaphorical dexterity, letting the words go where they wish, which is where they were always meant to be.

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  2. bothellboy says:

    i like the poem, but am a little bit puzzled by the title and how it relates to Oscar Wilde’s Picture of Dorian Gray. in the next to last stanza you write . . . paint a picture of this. . . and perhaps that is what made you think of Wilde’s story. just curious really, not criticizing, as finding titles to my own poems is usually just a spontaneous burst of imagination drawn from who knows where. thanks for sharing your work. john

    Liked by 2 people

    • Heartbeatingwings says:

      Thank you for this! The Picture of Dorian Gray involves the titular character embarking on a hedonistic lifestyle. Hedonism is the primary theme I am trying to capture in this piece. Essentially, the poem outlines a decision the speaker makes – where, despite knowing the repercussions and consequences, they choose to do it anyway, because it’s what they want. The last stanza delineates a limbo state between satisfaction and regret. Hope that makes sense somewhat!


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