golden hour

so it’s true then, that anything can sound
casual, if delivered like a weather report
i think it might rain later and
i think this is it for us
you talk about sunsets and sunrises

like chatting about times of the day
as if they are only weather, and i wonder if i should nod
along, like i have not spent a lifetime
grappling for allegories, foraging
for metaphors to squeeze myself into

there is something heavy about carrying so many words
rearranging them, hoping to gouge out poetry
lugging backpacks of language to mountain peaks
cast them at the horizon
at clouds and lakes and the sun, oh

always the sun
i will be the first to watch it rise one day and
when a strand accidentally stumbles on the cusp of my scars
for a fractured second i will think of you
for a moment this light will belong to you

i picture you at the bar
november, hair flaxen from your single malt echo
before the sun vibrates to soak the sky
swathes me in a glow so soft i forget the metal
of your words, to realise

i have always been this golden


33 thoughts on “golden hour

  1. David Koblentz says:

    “before the sun vibrates to soak the sky” – that line 🙂

    if you don’t mind … a question, why do you break up in lines of 5, just curious as stanza 1 into 2 is a great slant rhyme, unless I am eye deaf… I always wonder about process as it informs me to look at my own stuff in reflection, thanks.

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    • Heartbeatingwings says:

      Hi David! Thank for your comment. To be completely honest, I guess I just like the clean look of having even stanzas. I’m definitely a novice with line breaks though, so it’s still something I’m constantly experimenting with. Would be happy to hear any feedback you have, though!

      Liked by 1 person

      • David Koblentz says:

        to me your a pro (I guess a natural is more apropos?), but what the hell do I know… I was published years ago and then lost the passion for some time (a decade or two) I used to find myself bound to things (no, not a 50 shades reference), especially after I was immersed in Basho or other forms for awhile, I am not asking you to quit your form, I just thought the flow was there so why break it up, certainly only a suggestion, listen to yourself above all else, which I think you are smart enough to do anyways, as much as we like to have confidence there is always those questions… plowing through them and just doing it really reveals, I am not saying I am pure to thought either, I am always looking to find the pure thing as well. and thanks, to you. people don’t always understand sharing real art is, sharing you.

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  2. MOMENTS says:

    Gorgeous imagery all along the poem, very powerful writing, Melody! I love the natural elements like the sunrises, sunsets, mountain peaks… all connected with thoughts and feelings of nostalgia. The fourth stanza is especially impacting with the image of the strand of sun touching the scars, and bringing back short moments of remembrance… the realisation of time fleeting… very deep and philosophical about the limitations of the human condition and of what seems to evoke a past love relationship in the poem. I also love the fifth stanza with such a powerful ending.

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  3. j.a. case says:

    I’m always glad when you visit one of my blogs, as it reminds me to come over here and read your astounding poetry. Your talent is lovely, and gripping–nothing light and airy, it holds firm substance. The final line in this piece resonates like a harp string.

    Liked by 1 person

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