Clair de Lune (plus thank you for 1k!)


For everyone who has achieved their goals but is still unable to forget their dreams

Young girl,
Palms blossom towards the sun,
Tries to catch daylight in her hands.
Whispers to the sky-
I just want to save some for the night;
I want to be like the moon.

Grown girl,
Shoots for the moon, but loses her way connecting the dots of constellations.
Writes her name into the night instead,
And seeks refuge among the stars,
Learning to become the brightest of them all.

People see her today and ask why she still refuses to sleep,
Why she still reaches for the moon
Even after she has become the sun, because
They don’t know that in her dreams she’s still chasing crescents.
Her heart has long since been eclipsed,
And it still swells like the tidal waves,
Unyielding, locked, forever devoted to the solar system’s crystal ball.

She doesn’t tell others
There is a difference between the comfort of satisfaction,
And the surge of distilled, incandescent bliss.
She wants to walk the moon today,
Fill the craters with her secrets,
If for no other reason than for the little girl who once howled to it every night.

Hey everyone! Recently, I found out I reached 1000 followers! This was absolutely unbelievable and utterly shocking. I started this blog about a year or so ago, and since then have had some simply amazing comments and feedback.  It has really inspired me to keep writing, and as a result I have grown so much as a writer. Thank you!

In light of this milestone, I’ve decided to start an Instagram. The image above is an idea of what I will be posting; they will range from fragments of some of my older poems, to completely new ones! Please click here (username: heart.beating.wings) and give it a follow – it would mean the world to me!

Once again, thank you all so much. I promise to continue writing to the very best of my ability 🙂

Lots of love,

Mel xx


23 thoughts on “Clair de Lune (plus thank you for 1k!)

  1. Sumzoë says:

    This is beautiful. I loved it! Congratulations on getting 1k! (I hit the follow button on Instagram.) Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!
    Have a wonderful day. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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