Femme Fatale

Stilettos click like latches against red brick,
Scarlet talons filed into right-angles.
Pomegranate breasts heavy with tantalising secrets,
Fiery hair tousled, but not from the wind.
Purrs with blazing eyes,

I am vicious in every way that I am vivacious
Poisonous in all my poise

Embellish me with your touch,
And spill Grey GooseΒ down my throat.
Walk your fingers up my thighs
(One more inch, don’t be afraid now)-
Closer, until you can taste my cigarette smoke.
Unclasp my claret lips with your tongue, use it to pull out the words you want to hear,
And I in turn will leave a scar on yours
(But be careful now honey-
That’s not lipstick you see there).

Tattoo your lips into my neck-
We don’t need pills to fall asleep,
Just breathe in my scent, my perfume.
Oh it’s sweet, oh it’s good,
Yes darling, it’s chloroform.


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