From Here On Out

Darling, cover your ears;
That way, we won’t have to listen to the tick tocks of the universe.
I know we’re not cheating time when we throw a sheet over all the clocks in this world,
And running against the wind, or swimming into oncoming waves,
Does not mean we’re resisting this force called time.
But still, know that I’d shatter entire hourglasses,
Surrender all my remaining seconds,
Just to snatch the grain that is this moment,
And throw it into the depths of the ocean for safeguarding.

Because oh, I know something like this is fleeting, this is only ephemeral.
Asking this to last is like asking the sky not to darken at night,
And maybe my clutching it tighter now
Will only make it that much tougher to unfurl my fingers later.

But darling, please, answer me this-
How do you teach your body to stop needing oxygen?


24 thoughts on “From Here On Out

  1. jamesobree says:

    The breath, like our death
    That cannot last forever,
    The air of more despair
    In the ticking clock of never,
    The echo of the dwindling cry
    In the fade of dusky sky
    The subsiding sob of the endless why
    Shall love’s hopelessness deny.

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  2. theunshackledthoughtsofadreamer says:

    But, darling, please tell me this – how do you write so beautifully?! You have such a spectacular way with words. I just discovered your site and I’ve been here for quite a bit now. Wonderfully written poem after poem. I can’t stop reading! Such beautiful verse, it makes my heart sing. I especially love this and Celestial. And Femme Fatale. And Sunrise. And To Those Nights. And Run With Love. Ahhh. So lovely. I really couldn’t resist commenting and letting you know that I absolutely adore your work and I can’t wait to see what else you come up with! Brilliantly crafted. I hope to be as good as you are one day. Have a wonderful day! xx

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    • Heartbeatingwings says:

      Thank you! This is probably one of the sweetest comments I’ve ever received. I’m so flattered that you love my work so much. Please come back often in the future too! I hope to have more pieces that you will like just as much. You have made my day xx

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