Darling, look at the sunrise over there,
Look at the smudges of colours that can’t help but melt into one another.
Explain to me why artists still can’t quite replicate something nature whips up every single morning without fail,
And tell me you still don’t believe miracles exist.

Now in this depiction of perfection,
Look at the way the sun brazenly peeps over the horizon.
Watch the sky blush hues of fire amidst this shining lustre,
Feel tinges of the sun’s luminescence kiss alight shadowed silhouettes,
With its rays that reach out to tickle goose bumps on shivering skin.

And finally, turn around and tell me
That this is how we should live;
Tell me there is no such thing as brakes as our hearts catch on fire hurtling towards everything we love.
Tell me that this existence we share, these bright burning beings of brilliance
Will never know darkness, even when night comes,
Because we’ll chase the sun around the world, never having to watch it set.

Whisper in my ear that there is only here, and there is only now;
Tuck everything else into the back of my mind as a blurred figment of my imagination.


38 thoughts on “Sunrises

  1. maggy says:

    Hi Melody,

    Amazing as always, your way with words omg.

    Just jumping over to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the entertainer blogger award & it’s up to you if you want to participate or not but I thought I’d at least show you what I said about you πŸ™‚

    “Another poet who funnily enough is from the same town as me & I am yet to meet. Instead of raving about her amazing work, I thought I’d mention we literally stumbled upon each other on WordPress, isn’t that the definition of pure serendipity?”

    Hope your exams went okay x

    Liked by 1 person

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