Fly to Freedom

Darling, I know you’ve been told to fly a million times already;
That was before your wings became too heavy with disappointment,
And your vision became blurred with tears that never had the opportunity to dry before fresh ones fell.
It’s been nothing but an uphill journey,
But darling, after all, there is only one path that leads to the sky.
Trust me when I say that freedom wears like your old favourite sweater;
You’ll understand when your talons carve sparks of victory upon Everest’s summit.
These damn chains that once fettered me,
I now wear around my throat as delicate jewellery.

But you tell me,
“I’ve set myself on fire so many times, just to learn how to shine;
But all the flames have done is light up my loneliness”
No darling, flight is never lonely,
Not when there is air swooshing in your ears
And you have an audience of midnight stars.

You’ll devour the breeze because you’ll have forgotten how delicious the taste of fresh air is.
Darling, you’ll see, when your wings are finally slicing through the sky,
You’ll wonder how you ever stood at the edge of the cliff with your toes curled, palms sweaty.
Do you know that feeling when you’re on a plane, and there’s that moment when you suddenly transition from the ground into the air?
That’s what it’s like, to suddenly have the weight of the entire world beneath you.
You’re so used to having to look up to see the clouds
But now that they’re below you, they almost look like wisps of steam.
Yes darling, that’s the trail you left behind when you ignited.

So just before rays of sunlight send you back to Earth, to tell your tale of liberation,
Don’t forget to engrave your name into the clouds,
Because you were here, and you made your mark;

The one who soared.


30 thoughts on “Fly to Freedom

  1. Colleen says:

    Such a powerful poem! You create some amazing images with your words.

    I’m so glad you liked the poem I posted today – not just because it’s nice to be liked, but because it led me to your wonderful blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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