If I Should Live Forever

If I should live forever,
I would seek down everyone whose heart had ever been shredded, butchered.
Hush, darling, I’d say. I know band aids and time won’t heal it now,
But I’ll cup your heart in both my palms,
Cradle it, caress it, and together we’ll watch the anastomoses form
Like magical ropes, extending, twisting, healing.
But won’t it take too long? You ask,
Ah, but that’s the beauty of patience, my dear.
As long are you are more patient than whatever is trying to destroy you,
You will never be defeated.
And to be extra safe, I’ll pluck a few stars from the sky,
Grind it with the heel of my boots,
Because there’s nothing more exquisite than the way stars travel
Through an unfathomable amount of distance
Just to shine for you.
So take the stardust I’ve collected for you,
Sprinkle them into the cascade of your dark hair
Until you learn to shine like the night stars again.

If I should live forever,
I should track down all those on the verge of giving up.
I’d lift their chins with my fingers,
Gaze into their eyes, and tell them stories
Of flowers who are missing a petal, but bloom just as brightly,
Of komorebi, the sunlight that will stop at nothing
To filter through leaves.
And I’ll tell them about days when you find nothing is all you have,
But you clutch on to it, wrap your arms around empty air
Because that nothing is your everything.
And goddamn it I don’t want to sound cliche,
But that’s when you’ll realise tomorrow will always be there for you.
So when night comes, and you’re begging to be taken off this road you’ve chosen,
Turn around and see the tracks you’ve left behind.
And sweetheart, remember that it’ll take much more than rain and wind
To wash away the marks you’ve made.
So I’ll give you the petals of the flowers
To wipe away your tears,
And I’ll teach you to embed sunlight into the walls of your aorta,
So that every cell in your body may understand
What it’s like to never, ever, stop fighting.

If I should live forever,
I should give a pair of wings to every child, and teach them to fly.
This world belongs to you, you are the tomorrows;
The best opportunities lie in the highest clouds no one has dared flown to.
But if you spread the wings I made for you,
Woven together with the summers of tomorrow,
What are falcons, vultures, eagles, albatrosses, compared to you?
The child with wings that stained the sky with sparks,
So no one would ever forget the way you burned,
As they pointed excitedly to the sky,
To the firework they thought you were.
And if you ever chance to look back, and find no one there,
Don’t feel alarmed;
It’s not a crime to be beyond everyone’s reach,
Flames never did have a shadow.
And remember always that I’ll be here to catch you, if ever you fall.
And you ask me, with eyes so innocent, as pure as virgin snow,
What does it mean to fall?
My precious, I reply,
If you never look down, you won’t have to learn what it means.


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