Broken Promises

Your promises lay in fragments, scattered on the floor
Like spilled pills.
If I poured them into a bottle
Would anyone swallow them?

You see, I didn’t understand then
That pinky promises meant nothing outside of the playground I frolicked in,
Inside the frightening shadows you led me into.

And I ask myself
How many times do I have to scream myself hoarse
With that same trio which tumbles pathetically from my tongue
(But you promised!)
Before I can finally understand.
You would never be able to learn the meaning of the word.
You weren’t built to last, to commit.
You changed with the seasons.

And so, when you finally severed the final, straining thread that held us together,
I collapsed into a puddle,
Cried enough tears to put out an inferno,
Until I began to worry about dehydration.

But now time has passed,
And I have almost enough strength to think about you,
To relive all our memories without hatred or grief.
Yesterday, I finally picked up the pieces.
Today, I cup them in both my palms.
The shards slice easily through my flesh,
As pellets of blood retrace the areas you once stroked.

But maybe someday, when I can no longer fit together the particles
To form what I swore I’d never forget
(Maybe I’m not so good at promises either)
I’ll use them to build a mosaic,
And turn what you shattered, into something beautiful.


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